What fluid or oil goes in a NV4500 transmission?

Smart Parts and OEM NV4500 Fluid Recomendations

The NV4500 transmission was manufactured by New Venture Gear in late 1992 for Dodge and Chevrolet pickup trucks. When New Venture gear built this transmission they used the carbon fiber synchronizers which required the use of Synchromesh. This fluid is very expensive and needed so the carbon synchros would avoid wear. Synchromesh fluid can be found at most auto parts stores and dealerships. This fluid can be difficult to find at times.

At Smart Parts we re manufacture the NV4500 transmission

NV4500 Transmission Fluid

Our Smart Parts brand 75W90 GL4 gtade synthetic NV4500 transmission fluid

and replace the carbon fiber synchros with solid brass synchronizers. We have found with our experience that the solid brass synchros not only hold up better but it also requires a less expensive fluid. The recommended NV4500 transmission fluid is a 75W90 full synthetic fluid. We also recommend that you fill it with 4 to 4-1/2 quarts of fluid. This fluid is more common and easier to find at any auto parts store or local dealership.